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Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a New Year! Hello 2015!

I love experiencing a new year. First off, I am very grateful that I am alive, healthy and able to experience it. Second, a new year equals new goals. I am huge on goal setting. Every year since I was in college, I have set goals for myself and have accomplished most, if not all, of my goals.

I reflected on 2014 and looked back at my vision board. I accomplished everything that was listed! Was it tough? It sure was. I experienced numerous setbacks and heartbreaks. But, I remained focused and reached my goals! I feel motivated so of course I created goals for 2015. In 2015, I want to become a better version of myself mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. Prior to the new year, I was taking the necessary steps to achieve my 2015 goals. I am optimistic that by December 31st, 2015, I will look back at my vision board and accomplished everything I decided to pursue.

It's tough. You will run across obstacles, frustration and setbacks. But you will overcome. To all my readers, I ask that you create some goals this year. Write them down in a notebook, your phone, or anywhere accessible. I also recommend vision boards. You can make a vision board on Pinterest. Once you create these goals, read over them periodically to remind yourself that you have goals to reach. Don't settle for less. Setbacks will happen but read over your goals to remind yourself that setbacks are common and not the end of your visions. Put out what you want to the Universe and take the necessary steps to reach them. Let's take 2015 by storm and ACHIEVE!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's almost Christmas!

Ahhhhhhh only three more days until Christmas! I am very excited. I love the holiday season so much, specifically Christmas. I have so many fond memories of Christmas during my childhood. At 25, what I enjoy about Christmas is the quality time I am able to spend with loved ones. That might sound cliché, but it's true. As I get older, I realize giving is better than receiving.

A few weeks back, my apartment complex had a toy and supply drive for a women and children shelter in our area. I felt so grateful and elated that ai was able to give back. All of my life, I have been blessed with holidays surrounded by gifts and families in a nice and secure. Unfortunately, not all families experience that so I was very happy that I was able to donate and make a family's life better. 

If you can, please give back during this holiday season in some way. I can not emphasize enough how volunteering your time to bring a smile on an individual's face is worthy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We must finish this new year strong.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

We are the generation of Activism!!

I know we have watched the protests taking place in Ferguson, MO and all over the U.S. I read the other day that Millenials maybe the generation of activists. Personally, I like this. It's nice to take a stand against unjust behaviors and regulations. Now, I will never support violent protesting. Let's stick to educated and peaceful protesting. I have always believed in standing up for what you believe in because if you don't , you will fall for anything. When I was in 8th grade, I signed a petition and visited our state capitol to protest public smoking and to ban it. Cigarette smoke is a serious hazard and I never enjoyed breathing it in. Some people have asthma and cigarette smoke can be potentially fatal. Even though the public ban took almost ten years to happen in our state, IT HAPPENED! I was happy. I, along with my fellow classmates, petitioned for this and it made us feel proud to know our voice was heard. Throughout high school and college I continued to advocate for those who needed it and I will continue to do that. Maybe one day, I will be in need and need an advocate. To all my Millenials, please keep up the non-violent protests for whatever it is that bothers you. Always utilize your voice for the right reasons! We can make a difference!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

Okay I LOVE the holidays. When October comes, I become super excited because I know that Halloween, my birthday (hey, it's important to me), Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Let me elaborate on why I love this time of the year:

1. The weather- I love cool/cold weather. Living in the South, you do not experience really cold weather. The past few years we have. I'm assuming because of the environment. I have not complained over it. I am not too fond of the summer time and the hot weather. I love everything about fall weather: the clothes, the drinks and the coziness I feel when I go to sleep at night. I love it!

2. Halloween- Even though I rarely dress up for Halloween, I love scary movies. I can watch a scary movie alone and not be terrified. I will sleep like a baby! Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed scary movies. I enjoy watching Halloween (Mike Myers) the most. It's creepy but I enjoy it.

3. Thanksgiving- I enjoy good food and family time. Plain and Simple!

4. Christmas- Christmas music. Christmas movies (Home Alone 1 and 2). Christmas Specials (hello Charlie Brown!). giving and receiving gifts. Family time! Simple moments I cherish.

One thing I have learned over the years is that not only should we be grateful every day, but specifically, around the holidays. A few years back, when I was in college, I volunteered at a soup kitchen. That specific moment opened my eyes and made me realize how extra blessed I am. We complain so much about not eating a specific dish on Thanksgiving or not receiving a specific gift on Christmas when people who are homeless, in poverty, sick, etc would trade places with us in a minute. I ask everyone this year to focus on enjoying family time and also give back. Visit a soup kitchen, donate gifts to others in need and participate in other activities that will allow you to donate. You will feel great and have a new perspective on life.

I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving. I know I will. I am very excited about spending quality time with my family. Also, stay off social media when spending time with your family. I think we all are guilty of staying on our phones while talking. This can cause you to miss out on valuable communication. I want to focus on living more in the moment :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Internet Trolls Need to be stopped!!!!

I'm active on social networks. I think it's a great place to network, socialize and market your business. I utilize Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I enjoy following people and reading their opinions on various topics. But on social media, there is a downside to voicing your opinion. 

Trolls are the name for people who spew hatred and ignorance behind a computer screen. These individuals usually have no picture, name or followers/friends but respond to tweets or comments with hatred. I have not been victim of a troll, but I have read some of the ignorance these trolls type. For example, Anderson Cooper was tweeting a new story about politics. Some troll responded by using derogatory and homophobic names. Of course, Anderson Cooper responded with class. My point is, I find it disgusting that ignorant people who are not capable of voicing an intelligent opinion are hiding behind computer screens. How pathetic! 

Feminists on Twitter also receive a lot of death threats. Sometimes, these women are just tweeting about basic social,political and economic rights for women yet a troll responds with death threats. It's terrifying to these women. Below is an article discussing how Twitter will try to alleviate this issue.

It's unfortunate that we have to deal with ignorance everywhere. By blogging occasionally on issues I run across, I hope I can just assist on raising more awareness.

Friday, October 24, 2014

College! Is it worth the money?

I understand. College is pricey. The return on investment is questionable.Regardless, I get bothered when I read articles on useless degrees and articles about majors you should choose. I know technology and healthcare are the top sectors. But, not everyone can be a nurse or an engineer. I never had a desire to do either of those professions. I think a college degree is a great accomplishment

Last Sunday, I posted a quick, spur of the moment article on LinkedIn. I defended the college degree and gave positive reasons why. I just want to inspire my fellow college graduates. Check it out when you can at

I love using social media as an outlet to vent my thoughts and opinions (in a tasteful way of course). Feel free to give me your own opinion on your college degree investment. Was it worth it you?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Tv Shows You Should Watch.......NOW!!

I barely watch television. I think the quality of shows has decreased tremendously. But so far, I notice a lot of quality tv shows that are new for the fall premiere. And I have been watching them! Let me tell you about a few.

First show I enjoy is Gotham. When you hear Gotham, I am sure Batman comes to mind. When I first heard about the show, I immediately decided I would give the show a chance. I am a huge Batman fan. Gotham revolves around Commissioner Gordon in his younger years when he started working with the force. Only four episodes in and I like the show. As a Batman fan, I like how we get to see Bruce Wayne in his younger years after the murder of his parents. You also will see a few villains in their younger/pre-villain days: the penguin, riddler, poison ivy, cat woman and Harvey Dent aka two-face. I am waiting for the Joker to make an appearance; he is my favorite villain. I can see Gotham having a few seasons. I plan on supporting the show.

NCIS:New Orleans is decent. I like crime shows plus I am born and raised in Louisiana, so it's interesting to see a show filmed right in New Orleans.  Black-ish is a funny show! It stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. It is about a black successful family living in the suburbs. I love seeing diversity on television. The show touches on topics such as minorities in the workforce and also urban culture in a hilarious manner.

Lastly, How To Get Away With Murder!! I love this show. It keeps you on your toes. Viola Davis is great as a leading lady. The show is filled with twist and turns. I knew the show would be quality; Shonda Rhimes is one of the creative forces behind the show. I love Greys Anatomy and Scandal, so I knew How to Get Away With Murder would be great!

I am happy that quality shows are on air. I am so tired of reality shows. Reality shows are so scripted and full of ignorance. I hope more creative screenwriters and producers are given chances to create quality shows for our viewing pleasure.