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Monday, March 3, 2014

New changes but I am GRATEFUL

Well, I have gone through some huge changes the past few weeks! Regardless, I am thankful. I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason and that you have to go through challenges before reaching your visions.I am excited because I will be starting a new career soon in the hearing industry. My degree is in communicative disorders and I am so elated for this opportunity. For the longest, I have been confused and frustrated on what and how I wanted to make an impact in this world. With this new position as a specialist, I will be able to help others. 

I read an interesting blog post on success . The author of the blog explained that instead of focusing on just becoming successful, also incorporate how you want to be significant and leave a lasting legacy. That spoke to me. My definition of success used to be if you were making money and winning awards, you were successful. That is great but with significance, you can leave a positive legacy on this world. That is what I aspire to do. Of course I want to make a great living financially and receive nice recognition. But I would prefer to be passionate about what I do and leave a lasting legacy in the hearing industry for decades to come. I want to be an EXPERT.

For the first time in 24 years, I am excited and eager to start a job. With my other jobs and even graduate school, I was nervous and filled with second thoughts. But with this opportunity, there is no fear; only excitement. I am reaching my visions and will not stop until I am significant :)

Monday, January 27, 2014


So I reside in Louisiana. and guess what? We are dealing with an ice storm! Yes good ole Louisiana. Everything is shut down for tomorrow and Wednesday. Last Friday, our area also suffered with this issue. Dealing with this has made me appreciate living in the South. I love cool weather but once ice and freezing rain comes about, I am over it. I am not sure if I could make it up north; if I had too, I'm sure I would! Anyway, I read this interesting article over on Thought Catalog. Here is the link:

Read it. I think it's very inspiring for twenty-somethings.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 mistakes you shouldn't apologize for in your 20s- Agree or Disagree?

I love to read articles about being in your 20s. At 24, I do feel that I am in the prime of my life and I'm working hard now to have valuable skills in the future. I ran across this article from Elite Daily titled "5 Mistakes That You Should Never Apologize For in Your 20s". I for one agree with all of these except number 1. Let me break it down:

1.Don't be sorry for falling in love with everything and everyone you meet - I disagree. Love is special and I am very picky about who I fall in love with. I have not actually been in love before; I think love is beautiful and not every person you date is worth getting it.  I would prefer it to be "dont be sorry for dating and NOT falling in love in your 20s". I think dating in your 20s is fun. Sometimes, you just want to date someone because they are FUN; not because you are looking for the love of your life, the father of your kids, etc. Plus, dating helps you determine what you truly can or can not tolerate in a future spouse. So enjoy people and enjoy hobbies but loving everyone and everything? ehhhhhhh

2. Don't be sorry for being selfish and putting yourself first- Hello! This is currently me. At 24, I have NO KIDS and NO HUSBAND. So yes, I do care about myself and pursuing my goals before certain responsibilities come about. When I say selfish, I am not talking about hurting someone or being shady to get to the top. Being selfish in your 20s mean not passing up great career opportunities or pursuing goals all because your boyfriend or best friend wants you to stay near them. Because at the end of the day, none of these people can help you pay Sallie Mae, invest or become CEO. So yes be selfish and pursue your goals.Put yourself first or you will regret it.

3. Don't be sorry for leaving your good friends and family to chase your ambitions- I agree. If your family or friends truly support you, they will want you to chase your ambitions. My best friend, who I love dearly, decided to move to Wyoming to pursue her goal to getting into the Masters Program over there. Wyoming is very far and different from where we are from but I told her to DO IT!! True friends and family will be around so pursue your ambitions. You have to put yourself and your ambitions first.

4. Don't be sorry for moving a million different times to a million different cities- If you have the money and skill set to do this, then go head. Make friends in each city and keep up with them via Skype, Oovoo, Facetime whatever. Do what you want. Experience different cities and the culture, nightlife, etc.

5. Don't be sorry for wanting more, Ever!- You should always want to to do better and strive for more. Idc if you are 24 or 54 if you want more, do what you can to get more. You only live once so don't be afraid! Here is the link to the article.


Social Network Hiatus

Have any of you ever gone through a phase where you are tired of tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram photos? Currently, that is me. I deleted my Instagram account, deactivated Facebook and have decided to stay away from twitter.  I have my reasons for all of this.

Instagram is a fun app. But I'm tired of seeing how materialistic my peers are. Photos on Instagram consisted of designer handbags, shoes, very edited photos, etc.  That is great that you received all of these nice, quality gifts but do you really have to show it to the world? And please stop with the clearly edited photos. I see some of you in person and don't even recognize you because of how DIFFERENT you look. Meaningless, unfunny memes were aggravating too. and do not get me started on Instagrams or Tweegrams (not sure what the correct name is). I may get back on Instagram one day. MAYBE.

Facebook is a social network where people who can't spell or understand grammar rules constantly update their status to complain, brag, and/or showcase their racist, sexist and homophobic views. Recently, I have also noticed these videos that were on my feed that showed gross and odd events. I am not sure if it was spam or just part of the website now but I had to deactivate. It was too much. (The videos would automatically play too!).

Lastly, twitter. I actually like twitter. I follow tons of interesting pages pertaining to the specific career I am interested in, Feminism and Finance. But, I just wanted a break. I'll miss twitter. I'll be back on there before any of these social networks.

I'm just at a point in my life where I want to change a lot of things that are in my life. I feel that I am still in a comfort zone and I want OUT. I want a new career I can be passionate about, new conversations, new hobbies and a new environment. I'm patient and working towards all of that.  To get where you want to be, you have to drop dead weight; I'm currently in the process of doing that!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Thy Girlfriends

So today, on my lunch break, I overheard a conversation( I didn't mean too; it just happened!). The conversation was regarding a cheating boyfriend and how his girlfriend ended up taking him back. Now, the two women discussing this topic seemed to be friends or former friends of the girlfriend. From what I gathered, the girlfriend disowned her friends due to them not being supportive of her dating the cheater again.

I began to think: Why do so many women end friendships over minuscule reasons but stay in romantic relationships with a lot of baggage? Now, I do not know the whole story behind that particular friendship and relationship but I notice that a lot of females have ended friendships over the most minor issues. I find it sort of sad. I believe in the power of great friendships. I think we need to emphasize value on friendships. Romantic relationships are beautiful but let's not throw away our friends due to romance!!

I love television shows that showcase great friendships among women. Girlfriends and The Golden Girls are my two favorites. Matter of fact, I want to live like the Golden Girls once I enter my elderly years! But unfortunately, most television shows are actually "reality" shows that have numerous women fighting and screaming at each other. Shows like this give a stereotype that women are nothing but drama-filled and fake. I despise shows like this because it's not true! Of course there are ignorant, evil women in this world but can we showcase the positive women who actually respect and empower each other? Come film me and my friends!

I have a decent amount of girlfriends. I love them. I will do everything in my power to stay friends with them. I have a best friend who I consider a sister. I have known her for 10 years. We've been through mutual fake friendships with other females, arguments, dating, etc and I feel that our bond has gotten stronger in the last few years.  No matter where I go in life, no matter what changes I endure, I plan to have girlfriends that can assist me in life. Romance is beautiful, but spending time with your girlfriends is also beautiful.

Monday, January 6, 2014

it's cold and marijuana is legal (well in two states)

Hi everyone! Working from home today which is great for me since I can discipline myself. But another reason I am elated to be working from home is because it's very cold outside. It's 20 degrees! Now, this is abnormal for Louisiana weather so that is why I am overreacting like this. If anyone who resides in Chicago or Minnesota read this blog posting, they would probably laugh at me. Nonetheless, I do have fondness for the cold even though I am not used to it.

This morning, I read an article on The Huffington Post pertaining to legalized weed in Colorado and how the revenue will help the state economically. Now, I am not a marijuana fan; I don't smoke it and I do not like the smell of it.  But, I do think that legalization will benefit our economy. Currently, only Washington state and Colorado have legalized it for recreational use. New York, California and New Hampshire are reportedly in the process of possibly legalizing it and/or decriminalizing it. I do think that arrests and imprisonment over pot is extreme. Like I stated previously, I am not a fan of it but I do not think possession of marijuana should not lead to jail time. I can think of several offenses that are way worse (rape, child molestation, MURDER) that are justice system should focus on. Just my opinion!

Now, for all the pot smokers out there, please keep it to a minimum. Colorado employers have the right to not hire you even though recreational use is legal. So if you are going to smoke pot, please keep it to a weekend event. And do  not drive! For all of my investors, I read that marijuana stocks might be a great investment over time. But we'll have to research that more of course!

Have a great day everyone and check out these links on marijuana legalization.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

brain dead

I read the news a lot. I can admit that I am a news junkie. Lately, I have read quite a few stories pertaining to young children going in for basic medical procedures (wisdom teeth removal for example) and coming out brain dead. I am sure everyone has read about the tragic case in California involving the girl who is brain dead after tonsil removal surgery; it is beyond heart breaking.  Today, on The Huffington Post, there was an article about a 3 year old Hawaiian girl who is brain dead after a root canal! Yes a root canal. How frightening! I know events like these are rare but it still fightens me to hear stories like that. In no way am I a medical expert, but maybe these incidents will push for more training in medical emergencies when it comes to dental procedures and other basic medical procedures. One life loss to a procedure is one too many. I hope the family of these children are able to find some type of closure. 

I (along with numerous others) am already anxious at the dentist. Every time I go for a cleaning, I cringe. When I had to get my cavity filled a few months ago, I was so paranoid. As a child, I had a bad experience at the dentist so it pretty much scarred me. As an adult, I am trying to alleviate that fear. I imagine parents who have small children and reading these stories are probably alarmed and concerned. When having a medical procedure done on us or our family members, all we can do is remain optimistic and aware of the procedures. I hope stories like these can lead to conversations on emergency situations and how to handle them.