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Monday, September 15, 2014

Feminism is NOT a dirty word

 Feminism is everywhere. Numerous articles on feminist sub-types, Beyonce being a Feminist and, the rise of Male Feminists are all over the Internet.I honestly do not think a lot of people truly know what a Feminist is. When the word Feminist is heard,the image that comes to a lot of individuals mind is a woman who hates men, doesn't shave and burns her bra. That is a huge misconception and generalization. Simply, a Feminist believes in the social, political and economic equality among all sexes. Feminist advocate for women to get paid the same as men, encourage women to run for office, advocate for maternity leave, etc. In 2014, women have more freedom than we did in past decades;I will admit that. But, we still have a while to go in other aspects. Women are STILL paid less than men. There is still a battle for reproductive rights for women. Maternity leave is still rare in Corporate America. Research has even shown that mothers are seen as incompetent while fathers are seen as hard-working and motivated. What a huge and sad double standard! Everyday, as women, we are constantly trying to fight and alleviate sexism in the workforce and in our daily lives. But, like I stated before, Feminism is not just about women. Yes, we focus a lot on issues that women deal with but we are also advocates for LGBT Rights, racism, rape culture involving men as victims and other social issues.

I consider myself a Feminist simply because I support equality. I never thought of myself as a Feminist until I experienced various forms of Sexism. Whether it was crude comments, rape culture that leads to victim-shaming or just daily misogynism, I started to understand the value in Feminism. I became more passionate about issues that impacted me more than I realized. My viewpoint on the world changed and now I am an advocate for numerous social issues.

I know that I can not change everyone's opinion on Feminism but I am hoping more people will educate themselves on the topic before quickly categorizing Feminists. Feministing, PolicyMic, HuffPost Women and Jezebel are all great websites that showcase Feminist writers and what they stand for. 

Millenials in general are more socially-conscious. The amount of Millenial women who are self-proclaimed Feminists are increasing.....I notice it through my social network activity. I am just happy to be a part of a generation that prides itself on noticing our issues and brainstorming ways to fix it!

Friday, September 12, 2014

AmeriCorps: 20 years of Service

Twenty years ago, AmeriCorps was form. AmeriCorps is a national volunteer organization that helps to enhance our communities. I can brag on it because I am an alum of the program. I joined AmeriCorps in 2009, during my second year of college. I always have been interested in volunteering. I did it in high school. When I read the flyer on AmeriCorps, I knew I had to join. You had to complete 450 hours of community service in your area....of course I went above and beyond that....over 500 hours! We volunteered and tutored at a local elementary school, Habitat for Humanity, Earthshare, Bayou Vermillion clean up, St. Joseph's Diner, Special Olympics, New Orleans and Galveston area (aftermaths of hurricanes), recruit students on campus to volunteer with us and the list goes on. Whatever needed done in our town, we did it with a smile on our faces.

AmeriCorps truly helped me grow into a better person. My compassion increased along with my optimism, innovation, desire to change the world (hey, we are idealistic :), ambition, etc. I felt like I could accomplish ANYTHING. I still feel that way. I learned what friendship of my best friends is also an AmeriCorps Alum. I learned what teamwork meant, how to work under pressure, solve problems, not judge others and multi-task. I will forever be grateful for everything AmeriCorps taught me.

I graduated from AmeriCorps in June of 2010. It was bittersweet....I was happy I accomplished something but also sad that I wouldn't get to see my fellow alums as much anymore. But we have a bond that will never be broken!

So thank you AmeriCorps for teaching me life-long skills while also helping me grow as a person. I promise to continue to volunteer and change the world in some way....."we get things done"!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I utilize my education daily in the workforce!

Hi everyone! So this week, as usual, has been pretty hectic. Work is keeping me busy as I am not working between two stores and brainstorming marketing ideas. It's ironic....I never thought I would enjoy Marketing as much as I do. I am starting to realize that my major and minor are very versatile. Once again, I majored in Communicative Disorders/Hearing Sciences with a minor in Psychology. With my major, I learned about human communication, culture sensitivity, interpersonal communication, statistics and probability and also public speaking skills. With a minor in Psychology, I learned about human behavior,cognitive ability, generational gaps, mental development and business psychology (colors, fonts, body language, social media, SEO, google analytics which are all relevant to marketing). I am utilizing my education daily with promoting and marketing our hearing aids.i disagree when people say Psychology is a worthless degree. You can utilize Psychology in every profession; interactions with humans and their behavior is in every profession especially sales and marketing.

I plan on studying more on social media and content marketing. I find it intriguing how marketing and advertisements operate to capture the consumer's attention! I have also been practicing with HTML and CSS. I just thrive on learning new skills!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Enhance your skills

Even though I work in the hearing healthcare field (which I enjoy), I have different interests. One of those interest is coding! Back when I started high school, I was in our information technology program. I took computer science courses and learned HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Dreamweaver and other design software. At the time (2005-2008) I was not aware of how pivotal these skills were. I graduated high school and went off to college focused on just majoring in something science/ medical related (hence my bachelor degree in Communicative Disorders/Hearing Sciences). I have been out of college two years. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have my current position. I am super grateful and can not wait to receive my dispensing license in 4 months. But, I love having multiple skill sets.

So my goal for the next 6 months is to practice and learn. HTML,CSS, and JavaScript. I think it's great to know. Eventually, I'll brush up on my Spanish too.  As workers, we should make ourselves marketable. But besides that...I think people should have great communication, written, multi-tasking, compassion and the awareness and understanding of other cultures. We live in a diverse world and being culturally insensitive won't work.

Hope you learn something new ;)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skills Gap

As any recent college graduate can tell you, the economy is still shaky. I graduated from college two years ago and I must admit, I have been blessed to find opportunities. I read an interesting article on how to recession-proof yourself. Here is the link:

As I read the article, the top skills that caught my attention are skills that I am fortunately learning and developing in my position. Statistical analysis, data mining, recruiting, business development and relationship management are all skills I utilize daily at my job. I sell hearing aids so all of these skills come in handy when it is time to sell our products to customers. I think that these skills and the rest of the skills listed can be developed and acquired. There was also a section on networking. I am a firm believer in networking. I know so many individuals who were offered decent jobs simply because they knew someone. I love my job but every-day, I still network. I have interests in volunteering and other activities, so I enjoy meeting people at my job and getting to know what they do for a living and for leisure.

I do believe the job market will always be tough and that we must just try our hardest to stand out. I am optimistic that Millenials will do just fine in the future!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Twitter connects-Follow me! @zeneshiazenon

Greetings! Work is keeping me extremely busy. So as everyone knows, I relocated near the New Orleans metro area for working. I am working as a hearing specialist apprentice with a great company. It has been 4 months and I am enjoying it; curious as to where the company will go and also absorbing everything I am learning in Sales and recruitment of customers for future endeavors. I am also enrolled through an online class with the company. Classes are broken into three sections. I am currently in section 2. I passed section 1 (woohoo)! The classes are to help us learn about the hearing aids we are selling and how to determine which customers we should recruit. So that is why my lack of blogging is obvious. I would like for some followers on twitter: my twitter handle is zeneshiazenon. Please do not tweet anything vulgar and inappropriate; you will be blocked and reported as spam. Thanks and I will try to blog more :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

30,000 on plastic surgery.....whyyyyyy?

I am up early before work....eating breakfast and reading my morning news. I came across this article of a woman who spent 30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. Yes KIM KARDASHIAN. How insecure can you be? And she spent 30,000.... Do you know what I can do with 30,000? Let me count the ways:

1. Pay off student loans
2. Help open another home for the homeless
3. Help open a home for victims of domestic abuse
4. Pay for ANOTHER degree
5. Buy numerous books
6. Travel the world

You see what I can come ANYONE spend 30,000 on something so shallow like plastic surgery to look like a celebrity? Do we live in a society that shallow and superficial? It made me think about the Human Barbie and Ken....both of these individuals spent thousands to look like Barbie and Ken....who are PLASTIC DOLLS. I am not a fan of plastic surgery ; I think we should love and appreciate our own beauty and not strive to emulate others. It's true that we live in a society that is very focused on attractiveness and what exactly is attractive. I am 5'1 with curves....society loves tall and skinny. Well good for society because I LOVE ME. Ladies and gentleman, we need to accept that we are all different and beautiful in our own way. PLEASE do not compare yourself to a celebrity or any other individual! Love yourself!