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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Walking away

Wow. I haven't blogged since May. So much has changed: I live in Houston, have a new career and I am loving life. I never imagined my life would change for the positive in a manner of months. I'm so grateful. I am retiring off my blog. I haven't been blogging and my interest in blogging on personal and random issues are not interesting to me anymore as I need to develop a niche. This is my last blog post regarding this specific blog for awhile as I learn my new industry (insurance).Thank you to everyone who read my blog. I'm grateful that I was able to vent for two years. I will be back on the internet soon :) look out for me!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Post Lunch Inspiration

Heyyyy guys! Hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend. I did! My boyfriend and I hung out in New Orleans this weekend. New Orleans is such a beautiful city. Growing up in Louisiana and living two hours way from New Orleans, I never appreciated the culture that the city offered. Now, at 25, I can honestly say I do. Walking through the French Quarter on a gorgeous, sunny day is one of the best moments anyone should experience!

I am feeling sluggish today....I am still trying to shake back from my fun-filled weekend! lol I just read this article on Daily-worth that really inspired me. I admire entrepreneurs but especially women entrepreneurs. This interview with Rachel Roy energized me! Here is the link:

Check it out and let me know what you think! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Read This Book!

Hey all! I want to share another good book recommendation. This one is called "God Help The Child" by renowned writer Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison is a literary icon so any book she writes is a gem. This book discussed colorist and how it can harm a child as she transitions into adulthood. The main character, Bride, is a successful professional woman in the cosmetics industry. Bride was rejected by her mother as a child due to her dark skin and this issue follows Bride well into adulthood. Bride seems to focus tremendously on her looks and focus on one man who broke her heart. As a child, she wanted so much approval from her mom that she falsely accused a teacher of molesting her students. The book discusses child molestation in a few sections and I'm honestly, I'm glad it is talked about. I do think child molestation is a topic that is taboo because it's so disgusting; yet, it unfortunately happens and should be discussed. Bride goes through a few ups and downs in finding her way but it seems at the end, she finds happiness.

If you are a fan of Toni Morrison and fiction books in general, you'll enjoy this. Some Toni Morrison fans felt the book was too short and lacking the usual quality found in Toni Morrison's books. I personally enjoyed it and finished in a week. I recommend this is you want a book that isn't too long.

As I read more books, I'll be sure to drop more recommendations !

Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to Increase Your Salary This Year

I love to read. Once I am done reading an informative book, I will recommend it. Today, I am recommending"The Big Book of Content Marketing" by Andreas Ramos. Andreas Ramos is a leading expert on content marketing and has helped numerous businesses based in Silicon Valley increase their content quality.

I am a novice regarding content marketing. I know the basics of what entails content (infographics, white papers, blogs, etc) but Andreas not only discusses the type of content, but also how to measure your content to discover if leads are being converted into sales. Andreas Ramos does a great job of defining content marketing terms. For example, I never knew what PPC was and what it entailed! (PPC is pay per click and consists of text ads and banner ads). The book also discussed other aspects of content marketing: the individuals on a team who create and measure the content, your call to action, cost per click,business plans,KPIs, A/B testing, SEO, link building tools,value proposition, utilizing web tools such as google analytics,and lead generation/conversion. Quality marketing is crucial; you want to be a thought leader in your industry and that only happens with quality creation.With quality marketing, consumers will find your product and determine from your marketing if they want to buy. I can not stress enough how important marketing is!

This is just a quick synopsis on the book. I finished this book in two weeks and went on to read another book for leisure. That other book is called "God Help The Child" by Toni Morrison. I'll write a blog post on that book also.

Sales is my true niche, particularly sales in the medical field. But I love to read marketing books because sales and marketing go hand to hand. Marketing will help you get the sale and CLOSE. If you are new to content marketing or just want a clear refresher on the topics, I highly recommend this book. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

True Life: I am a B2B Sales and Content Marketing nerd

I've been a bibliophile since I was 5. I can't stop. It's an addiction. What can I say? I love books! Currently, I am reading The Big Book of Content Marketing by Andreas Ramos. This book is very informative. As you all know, I currently work in Medical DeviceSales with hearing aids/assistive technology. I also do marketing, specifically event marketing, in my position. Sales and marketing are the back bone to companies. You must market your product to your target audience. Then, allow sales to close the deal. I found this statistic inside the book I am currently reading: Acquity Research Report found that 90% of B2B buyers research products online before purchasing. You want your marketing to be so good that the customer is ready to close as soon as they are meeting with the sales team! My goal is to eventually be an expert at all aspects of sales (social selling and consultative selling is my niche) and content marketing. Content marketing is audio, text, pictures and videos. This book will help you in understanding the terminology used in the content marketing world. 

I think content marketing can benefit anyone regardless of their career. I think the same way about sales; we sell ourselves everyday regardless of our profession. If you're a nurse, you are selling yourself to your patients as a trustworthy, knowledgeable health professional.

If anyone else is striving to become a sales and content marketing pro, I suggest you read this book. After I am done with this book, I will be starting a social selling book. Social selling is very relevant in this day and age due to the access of social media. We can now research and contact our prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Happy Reading!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why The World Would End Without Self-Reflection

It's March! It's the third month of the year. We have 9 months left in 2015. YES. NINE MONTHS! Time is passing us by. My question is: Have you done any self-reflection so far this year? Have you reviewed, edited and modified your 2015 goals?

The reason I am asking is because statistics show that only 8% of individuals achieve their new year resolutions/goals ( . Now, I know it's only March and you still have an ample amount of time to reach your 2015 goals. However,the best way to motivate yourself to achieve these goals is by self-reflecting and reviewing the goals you have made. For example, on January 1st, plenty of people stated they were going to eat healthier, exercise and lose weight. This is easier said than done. It requires a lot of discipline. If you are one of those people who have made this a goal, have you been consistent with your steps to getting there? Have you reviewed and modified the steps necessary to become healthier? If you did, you are probably implementing a healthier lifestyle. If not, I advise you reflect and modify your goals so that you can reach your ideal fitness vision.

I made several goals this year and at least once a week, I am reviewing my vision board to make any necessary modifications to ensure I reach them. One of my 2015 goals is to stop holding grudges. I am a very nice person. I have a very hard time forgiving people unfortunately. I realized that holding grudges was stopping my growth. So in 2015, I decided to implement steps that would allow me to alleviate this issue. I decided to write in my journal more when I am upset and also develop the ability to express my anger versus keeping it a secret from the individual who I am having issues with. I have reached out to the people who have hurt me in the past and explained to them that even though our friendship/relationship is over, I do not hate you. I wish the best for you. I did hit a few obstacles trying to accomplish this goal. Instead of just giving up on my goal, I modified my way of reaching it and brainstormed ideas on how I can effectively accomplish the ability to forgive. Has it been easy? NOPE. Becoming a better person is worth it so I must do what I can to reach this goal.

What goals are you having a hard time reaching? What are you doing to alleviate the problem so that you can reach it? Even though it's only March, let's focus on keeping the promises we made to ourselves on January 1st!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Would You Like Attitude With That Ma'am?

I've noticed something: people are RUDE. Okay, I know this isn't a revelation. But lately, as someone who is working in Sales/Customer Service, I see the unpleasantness individuals are projecting onto each other. I know everyone has terrible days. But why take it out on others? Why use profanity and derogatory language toward people? For example, after I left work today, I went to the grocery store. Of course, it is after 5 and the store is hectic. I see a cashier struggling to work her register. It will not unlock and she is telling the individuals who are trying to check out that they must move to another register.I admit, the cashier said this in a very nice tone. Well, an irate customer begins to scream at her "I am in a hurry! Get this sh** fixed NOW." All I could do was shake my head. Was that outburst necessary? It wasn't!

People are such in a rush and stressed that they are exhibiting rude behavior. Outbursts like that is just one example. I have watched people not hold doors open, not smile, say hello, etc. I am not saying become all cheery and excited toward random people but PLEASE attempt to be polite.

Also, I notice a lack of sensitivity toward different cultures and orientations. We live in a wonderful country full of individuals who are different races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, religions, etc. please stop with the ignorant questions: ummm what are you? What language do you speak? Why do you dress that way? Why is that your name? I can go on and on! There are ways you can approach an individual with questions pertaining to their background. Doing this in a work environment is especially uncomfortable. Respect others and have manners. 

As someone who has worked in corporate America and experienced these examples directly and indirectly, I just wanted to bring awareness to the lack of sensitivity showcased in our world. I hope a reader will have an epiphany and end their own rude behavior!